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The Design That Started Our Mission.

Here is our brand logo and the shirt that started it all. The story behind the design…. Several years ago I wanted to start an organization where we went to schools and just listened to kids who are bullied, different, or just not treated the same as other kids and God told me to use the name ears to hear foundation. We never started the foundation because I just had so much going on and really did not have time to dedicate to it. God told me to hold off on the idea. Several years later I wanted to do something for the community to bring them closer together in some small way. God told me to start a Christian apparel company and asked if I remember the name we had several years ago for something different. He told me to use the name Ears To Hear Collection for our clothing company. It all came about to give us the way to proudly proclaim the never changing message of Jesus To this ever changing world. My wife said we should use the sheep as Our logo because it’s mention over 500 times in the Bible and have his ear sticking up like he is listening. Our graphic designer was named Bruno. So Our Bruno the sheep logo came to be. There is no coincidence we have 2 ears and 1 mouth. We are supposed to listen to what God says. “Those Who Have Ears Let Them Hear”

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